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Relationship Therapy in Swiss Cottage

Why come to couples counselling ?

Many issues can cause unhappiness and conflict in a relationship.

  • poor communication
  • sexual difficulties
  • anxiety
  • affairs
  • starting a family
  • uncertainty about commitment
  • bereavement

We Can Help You

  • Understand and change your old patterns of interacting so that intimacy and love can be renewed.
  • Understand power and vulnerability in your relationship so pain and resentments can be healed.
  • Learn better to manage your feelings, care for yourself and find out what your limits are.

You will have a chance to express what you want so you and your partner will communicate differently.

We will help you to see the bigger picture in your relationship

About Sex

"Sex isn't something we do, it is a place we go inside ourselves and with another."
- Esther Perel

We will explore with you what sex means for you and what you seek in sex.

Often couples focus too much on the act of sex and the statistics of it, eg how often? This can get in the way of desire and freedom. Every relationship faces emotional challenges at some point, whether you have been together a short time or many years. We can help you unlock the emotional issues which have lead to sex becoming a problem.

"A lack of desire does not necessarily reflect a disordered relationship."
- Esther Perel

Each couple is unique for us: we are not prescriptive and we do not necessarily expect you to do "homework" in between sessions.

Step Families

We know how challenging and difficult the step family experience can be. We have both been there. We are able to offer unique skills and ways of working with step families. Our thinking is guided by the need to explore the unique tensions and dynamics that get ignited in step-families.

Get in touch to find out more: contact Jo Nicholl on: 07725 554 728. Our consulting room is in NW6

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Carl Whitaker: “People marry each other for profoundly important reasons, and no one should divorce until they deal with those things that caused them to marry and then want to divorce each other.”

We will work with you to help you understand how you got to the place where you feel you must end the relationship/marriage. It can seem hard to look at the bigger picture when you feel hurt, betrayed, angry or bereft. We may work with you and your partner separately depending on the state of the relationship; our aim is to guide you through what can be an extremely painful process, to a place where you feel clearer about what the next step in the life of your relationship will mean.

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